Online Gambling Bonuses & Rewards

What is a casino bonus?

A Casino Bonus is basically a bonus or gift of some kind, which is given out by a casino in order to encourage you to either join up as a new member OR to play more often if you’re already an established player. These Bonuses can take various forms but we will concentrate on the most common and the most popular here in this short Guide.

Casino Bonuses

What is a Welcome or Sign Up Bonus?

Easily the most common form of Casino Bonus offered, the ‘’Welcome Bonus’’, ‘’Sign Up Bonus’’ or ‘’New Player Bonus’’ is usually a particularly tempting bonus, or set of bonuses, used as an incentive for new players to sign up and try out a new casino.

In some cases, it starts with a ‘’No Deposit Bonus’’ in the form of either a modest amount of Cash or a number of Free Spins, which you receive as soon as you have registered your new account and which you can use straight away, so you have the opportunity to ‘’Try before you buy’’ and see what you think of a casino before having to front any cash. It is however best to try and bear in mind that this form of bonus may come with specific restrictions like a high wagering requirement.

Most Welcome Bonuses also include various levels of Cash Match Deposit Bonus, on top of at least the 1st deposit you make after signing up. It can be anything from 10% (meaning that whatever you deposit the casino will add 10% extra on top making £€$10 become £€$11) all the way up to 500% (meaning that whatever you deposit the casino will add 500% extra on top of that making £€$10 become £€$60).

There is usually an upper limit on these though, for example – you will be offered a 100% Cash Match Deposit Bonus up to €$250 on top of your 1st deposit. It is in fact most commonly a 100% Cash Match Deposit Bonus, which allows players to double their money up to whichever upper limit has been put into place.

In some rare cases, we’ve even seen a 100% Cash Match Deposit Bonus which goes all the way up to infinity! This rarity would allow you to double your money regardless of how much you put in – meaning £€$10 would become £€$20, £€$100 would become €$200 and €$1-Million would become €$2-Million!

From experience, here we would suggest that you ‘air on the side of caution’ when it comes to anything above 200% though and always check the small print, as there may be a ton of restrictions in place which can make things more difficult than they appear when it comes to withdrawing.

Free Spins

One of the most popular and most sort after Casino Bonuses, everybody wants Free Spins! This Bonus, as the name suggests, is where you are given a certain number of Free Spins on a particular slot game, either upon sign up as a ‘’Deposit Free Free Spins’’ offer or as a number of Free Spins on top of each of your first few deposits. Either way you get to try out a particular Video Slot or sometimes numerous Video Slots for nothing.

Deposit Bonuses / Cash Match Bonus

As mentioned above ‘’Deposit Bonuses’’ or ‘’Cash Match Deposit Bonuses’’ are bonuses which you are granted as and when you make deposits of a certain minimum value at a particular point. Usually these are a main part of the draw within a ‘’Welcome Bonus’’ but they can also be presented within a new promotional offer -which would be offered to all registered players – or it could be offered within a ‘’Loyalty Bonus’’ which is a special bonus offered to particularly loyal established players.

On a very basic level the casino in question will match your cash deposit up to a certain percentage and up to a certain sum, so that you end up with an amount of completely Free Cash to play with.

High Roller / VIP Bonus

‘’High Roller Bonuses’’ or ‘’VIP Bonuses’’ are held in reserve for players who deposit much larger sums of money at online casinos. High Roller Bonuses are typically Cash Match Deposit Bonuses, deposits which are matched up to a certain percentage or value. The main difference being that special High Roller Casino Bonuses have a much greater cash value than with the standard Cash Match Deposit Bonuses. This difference obviously also means that the minimum deposit amount will need to be higher than usual but your return will be much higher too.

Why we should always check terms and condition of bonuses (wagering requirement)

When it comes to any kind of Casino Bonus, be they Welcome Bonuses, Cash Match Bonuses, Free Spins, High Roller/VIP Bonuses or any others going, we would advise you to always take a little time to actually read the terms and condition, yes, it may be boring but read small print! It is important, before beginning, to make a point of studying the Wagering Requirements in particular as these change from casino to casino and even in house between offers and can heavily effect what you actually get back from an offer. Also pay close attention to when the Bonus’s expiration date is and ALWAYS make sure to check if there is a Bonus Code which you are supposed to use when making a deposit or whilst Opting-In to an offer, as if there is and you don’t use it – you won’t be able to claim the offer!

We hope this short guide has been of some assistance and that you will enjoy a healthy, happy, bonus filled, winning casino adventure – very soon!